The entire Management and staff of Cherryfield College wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope you had a great time with your children and happy to release them again into our care and tutelage because this is going to be a long term!


Cherryfield College strongly believes that you solved all medical problems of your children, passed visa interviews and renewed their passports. Now is the time to study.

The school authority needs to be informed in writing ahead of time about visa interviews and medical appointments or passport renewals. Don’t fix such outing from school on weekends, because permission will not be granted. If you bring your children during lesson periods, kindly tell them to wear a school uniform. During CA and any form of exams, all appointments must be cancelled.


School’s Sickbay is not allowed to collect Home medication without Doctor’s prescription from recognised hospital.


For security reasons all parents and guardians who do not have parents ID card, should submit Passport photographs of parents/guardians with N1000 fee per family to the Secretary. The security will not allow any parents to the school premises without ID CARD. You have to write a letter of authorisation and attach your Parents ID CARD if you sent somebody to pass something or pick your child/children from school.


Cherryfield College is 100% boarding school and parents/guardians are not expected to drop in anytime they desire, except on visiting days. If for any reason you wish to see the principal or any member of the management team, you may always book an appointment with the school secretary ahead of time. In-case of urgent needs to provide your child with required things, what you brought may be dropped at the gate and your children/wards will receive them the same day.

 Contact phones:

Administration: 08063200284, 08036925761.

Principal: 07037073858.

Cherryfield College has WhatsApp and Telegram platforms for easy communication with the parents. Unfortunately Our WhatsApp is filled up and we are trying to transfer everybody to Telegram. Those parents who are not part of it should kindly download Telegram application, find Principal, introduce yourself and ask to be added.


In a previous newsletter in the first term, JSS1, SS1 and new parents were informed that most of their children were under observation. This term we arrived to a conclusion. This can be seen on the comments made on each child’s report. It appears that some children in SS1 made a mistake by choosing science subjects and therefore found it difficult to cope. We advise that the students concerned should change from sciences to humanities. However, those who do not wish to change from sciences to humanities because of their chosen future career requires the sciences, will be assisted with extra lessons and will be contacted by SMS. They should also make extra effort from their own side to catch up with their peers. Some JSS1 students are yet to realize that they are now in secondary school and since there are no parents or extra lesson teachers to assist them in completing their school work and home assignments, we are organizing extra lessons for students with challenges in one or several subjects in JSS1, JSS2, JS3, SS1 & SS2. Parents of such students will be contacted by SMS and are expected to make payment on time at the rate N5,000 per subject. Parents who do not wish their children or wards to participate should please indicate so to the school secretary.     It is regrettable that some parents didn’t pay until now for extra lessons attended by their children during 1st Term. I still appeal to such parents to kindly pay the outstanding extra lessons fee.

SS3 students are already having extension classes in preparation for their external examinations.


PTA EXCO that represent general PTA is always in contact with Management team and often come to the school. General PTA meeting will be during 1st visiting day of 3rd Term because Presidential Election will take place during 2nd term and Cultural Day during visiting day in March.

 The Forms for Entrance to JS1 & Transfer examination for 2019/2020 academic year are already on sell in Cherryfield College. The 1st  Entrance exam to JS1 will be on Saturday, 9/03/2019.

 Mrs. Olga Igbo – Principal