PARENTS’ NEWSLETTER – 15th February, 2020

Today is Open and Visiting day! The children have tried their best and have worked hard this Term to make you proud. Please make out time between 10am and 3pm to meet with ALL their subject teachers and know about their performances in class before you move to entertainments. Find time to talk with them and encourage them to concentrate and write CA tests very well.

I advise parents not to collaborate with their children when they plead to be taken home after CA tests, by fixing medical appointment or follow up in the hospital next Friday/Saturday, 21/02/2020 – 23/02/2020. Such requests will not be approved by school management.

Please remember the Visiting Day Rules:

  • Don’t over feed your children. (We are still giving them lunch and dinner today).
  • Use the black garbage bags. (The children will have to clean up after if the grounds are littered.)
  • Clean the bottles and cans before giving the children to drink from them.
  • All remaining food items should be taken back home or donated to Orphanage  by dropping drinks and not cooked items into the baskets provided by the school at the gate.
  • The students should not be encouraged to take contraband’s back with them to the hostels. (Offenders will be punished.)
  • The Visiting day ends by 5pm and we expect all parents to leave by then.


The 7th edition of the Biennial Inter-house Sports Competition and Prize Awarding ceremony of the College will come up on 7th March, 2020 by 10: 00 am at the school sports ground. We hope that parents and guardians will witness the wonderful performance of their children by coming on time. We hope that many parents will support different awards, trophies and prizes that are going to be won by our sports boys and girls. The list of awards is attached to this newsletter.

Mrs Olga Igbo


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