Cherryfield College (CFC) is a boarding school, catering to the needs of both girls and boys from JSS1 through to SSS3. There are separate boarding houses on either side of the large campus in Jikwoyi. Students are in rooms with up to five other students from their year group, and each floor has private shower and toilet facilities.

From 07:30 to 15:30 on weekdays (14:00 on Friday) students are in classes engaged in their learning of topics as preparation for life and their examinations.

Outside of these times, CFC routines provide to care and look after the students.

After classes, there are regular sports activities after lessons each day, as well as physical exercise and yoga available.

Students are taught and expected and learn how to wash and iron their clothes. There are both daily and weekly cleaning routines to be followed to ensure that their boarding rooms are kept clean and tidy.

Working around morning and evening devotions students come over to the canteen for food, with four meals per day. The menu is both local and international, is carefully prepared on-site to be both nutritious and enjoyable.

On Friday Jumaat prayers are available for Muslim students, and on Sunday there are several services available (Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal). All are available in dedicated areas within the school grounds.

During free periods students can enjoy a siesta, though they can engage in creative works such as drawing, painting and assemblage, as well as play board games. On weekends they are permitted to listen to music, as well as work on barbing and plaiting of their hair.

At the weekend students have an allocated time to call their parents and let them know about all the good things happening at CFC.