Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to our first visiting day for the academic year 2019/2020. It is not only your children who are happy to see you, we the entire staff of Cherryfield College are also happy to see you as from 10.00am till 17.00pm today.

On behalf of the Management and Staff of Cherryfield College I wish you spend a very fruitful day with your children. Please talk with them about their life in school, their challenges and successes, both academics and social, and encourage them to work harder.

For our new parents, I hope you all got black garbage bags at the gate. It is our culture to keep our school clean after each visiting day. Please help us to maintain this culture by packing the refuse into the bag and leave it for onward disposal. Please remember to take the leftovers of your food when leaving, since our children are not allowed to take any food back to their hostels.

Parents and guardians, who don’t have Parent’s ID card, should kindly submit their family passport photographs and an amount 1,000 Naira only to the School Secretary. Please those of you who changed your phone numbers should please inform the Secretary of such a change.

The children are studying hard but we also have a lot of extra curricula activities on Fridays and Saturdays in the school to engage them. The Science and Vocational Clubs are actively functioning. Cherryfield College students participated and won in many national and international competitions as well as Olympiad in both the sciences and arts.

We thank our dear parents for their usual support towards extra-curriculum activities in the school.

Cultural/Yam Festival (19.10.2019) is traditionally celebrated annually in Cherryfield College. Cooking is done by the students under the supervision of the teachers. We need: tubers of Yam and soft drinks.

The next visiting day which is the on the 9th of November will be Speech & Prize Giving Day to appreciate our students for their performance and behavior in the last academic year. We therefore invite you all to join us on that day.

We hereby solicit for your support in any of these awards and prizes listed below:

  1. First, second and third overall best students per class
  2. The best student in each subject per class
  3. The most disciplined student in each house – boy and girl
  4. The most disciplined student in each class
  5. The most improved student in the last one year per class
  6. The most outstanding sports person – boy and girl
  7. Male and female ambassadors of the college
  8. The most effective prefect – boy and girl
  9. The neatest student – boy and girl

French Day –   2nd of November 2019

It’s a tradition to have a French Day in Cherryfield College. The French Educational Attaché will grace the occasion along with the Director of the French Institute. They will present last year’s DELF Certificates to students and give a talk on Educational opportunities in France. The Children on their part, are preparing concert for the occasion. Some schools will be invited to witness the day. We need some cakes with French and Nigerian flags.

Snow Ball will take place on Friday, 13th of December 2019, after examinations. Kindly discuss with your children today about the outfit they would love to wear for the occasion and bring them along on the next visiting day, 9th of November 2019.  We will be glad to have some additional cakes and small gifts for Father’s Christmas Bag.

Important Dates:

19.10.2019 – Cultural Day Festival (Yam Festival)

22.10.2019 – 25.10.2019 – CA Examination

2.11.2019 – French Day (only the parents of participating students are invited)

9.11.2019 – 2nd Visiting/Speech and Prize Giving Day

3.12.19 – 13.12.2019– 1st Term Examination

13.12.2019 – Snow Ball Party

14.12.2019 – 10.01.2019 – Vacation

11.01.2020 – Resumption for 2nd Term


Most schools in USA, Canada and Europe may require from a student wishing to study in their schools the scores of the following examinations:

Placement examinations: SAT1, SAT2 or both

English Language Proficiency Tests: TOEFEL or IELTS

For details about the tests, payment and registration please call Mr. Idoko Godwin on 08050456778 or 08185679330


Mrs. Olga Igbo – Principal

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