Congratulations, students and parents!

We finished 2018/2019 academic year!

The students and the entire staff of Cherryfield College worked very hard towards this day. We strongly believe that most of the students did very well in their studies especially in their final exams.

Parents, you will be able to see the efforts of your children on the Internet in less than 10 days or can collect a hard copy of the result at the school. I hope that before organizing a very pleasant vacation for your child, you will check his/her result and think well: does he/she/they deserve or not to rest well? If you wish to engage the children in extramural classes I would advise you to give them at least two weeks of rest because they had a very tedious academic session. It would be good to strike a balance this way.

Please, I want to advise all parents, who are taking their children for holidays abroad  to bring our students back to Nigeria not less than 5 days before resumption day for the 2019/2020 academic year. These 5 days will unable them acclimatize, buy necessary things and prepare their mind for serious studying time in the school.


    1st Term:  14.09.2019– 14.12.2019
JS1 students, all new students and prefects resume  12.09.19 
Orientation for JS1 students & new students 12.09.19 – 13.09.19
Training for Prefects. 13.09.2019     
Resumption for 2018/2019 academic year 14.09.2019

Important information/request:

  1. SS1 – SS3 students should bring their laboratory coats.
  2. All students must have Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th Edition to be used in English Language classes.
  3. Only Cherryfield College’s branded school uniform can be used in the school.
  • SS2 students are not allowed to register for WASSCE or GCE (October – November 2019). Failure to adhere to this instruction will lead to such a student being expelled from Cherryfield College.
  • JS1 – JS3 students can bring a badminton racket to the school.

     You may inform friends and acquaintances who wish to transfer their children to Cherryfield College, that the transfer examination will hold on Saturday, the 27th of July 2019 at 10 am.

  The Entrance examination to JS1 will also hold on that day!

I wish you a Happy Vacation together!

Mrs. Olga Igbo


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