Junior Secondary School.

Junior Secondary School use Basic Education Curriculum developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). Subjects offered include:

  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. Basic Science and Technology, comprising of Basic Science, Basic Technology, Computer Studies and Physical/Health Education.
  4. Religious and Natural Value – comprising of Social Studies, Civic Education, Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Studies and Security Education.
  5. Cultural and Creative Arts – Music and Creative Art.
  6. Business Studies
  7. Nigerian Languages – Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.
  8. Pre-Vocational Studies – Home Economics and Agricultural Science.
  9. French Language.

Senior Secondary School.

New Senior Secondary School curriculum; namely:

  1. Senior Secondary School (Science and Mathematics) comprising of Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Agricultural Science.
  2. Senior Secondary School (Humanities comprising of Economics, Geography, Government, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Religious Studies, Creative Arts, French, Nigerian Languages, Literature in English. 3 Elective Subjects from either senior secondary school (Business) or (Technology), which include Food and Nutrition, Technical Drawing and Financial Accounting.

Core Subjects:

  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Computer Studies
  4. Civic Education
  5. Entrepreneur (Trade) – Fishery

In addition to Nigerian educational curriculum, International education curriculum leading to IGCSE, SAT, DELF (French) and IELTS are provided in the school.