Welcome to Cherryfield College

I warmly welcome you to Cherryfield College. We are committed to nurturing every child in our care; instilling in them confidence, a sense of self-worth, and a desire to learn. At Cherryfield College, we are interested in the education of the whole child, so that our students become thoughtful, confident, articulate, creative, and caring individuals.

Cherryfield college principal

Neil Howie


We use these three words at Cherryfield College, to sum up the values we believe in:




Cherryfield College is a school characterised by constructive, caring and trusting relationships. It is a place where our classes enable all students to thrive; a place where honesty, integrity and consideration of others is highly valued.

At Cherryfield College we give our students numerous opportunities to discover and nurture individual passions, in turn propelling them into a successful and fulfilling life beyond school. We offer excellent class sizes, and an extensive range of academic subjects are taught in modern, well-equipped, and spacious classrooms as well as a broad range of co-curricular activities. Our facilities are first class; our teachers are professionally qualified and dedicated. All staff at Cherryfield College aim to inspire, support, and celebrate the achievements of all our students.

The website provides you with an introduction to the amazing education we offer to our students at Cherryfield College, and our use of other social media channels highlights what this school is all about.

But nothing beats seeing the school in action, so please do come and see us.

We welcome you and would love to show you more!